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C-Suite leaders who feel Frazzled and overwhelmed, Stuck and uncertain or Frustrated and troubled with less than desired profits and are ready for a new perspective and course of action. My favorite leaders to work with are open to fresh new ideas, not afraid of the “hard truth”, willing to “let go” of the status quo and ready to drive positive change for themselves and others, including the bottom line profits.


It all starts with the P in my PRIME system. Because my gift is seeing what you can’t see and quickly sniffing out the root of the issue, all clients who work with me start with an initial assessment that identifies the critical issues blocking your growth and sustainability and provides alternate solutions to transform the issues into positive outcomes. After the assessment, the choice is yours regarding how to continue.

  • CIY (Change it yourself) plan: Take the solutions and implement them yourself using your team and know-how.

  • CIWY plan (Change it with you): Take the solutions and I mentor your team to implement them using the PRIME methodology while they do the work.

  • CIFY plan (Change it for you): Take the solutions and one of my team members works alongside with your team to do the work. We become an extension of your team during the change.

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