Fractional COO


Gain an agile, holistic mindset for business: recharge, reignite, and reinvigorate teams as ONE body, starting with the nurturing of ground-level staff and growing to top-level managers.


I help you bridge the gap between operational agility and leadership abilities.

  • Eliminate waste

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase profits

I implement my Mentor Up Method™, supported by the D.I.R.E.C.T. framework to mentor businesses on how to scale, improve effectiveness, and increase revenue. I help create an enhanced experience for customers, employees, and stakeholders. I equip and empower you with knowledge, process, and autonomy to continue running your operations in a streamlined, productive, and effective manner long after I've completed my work. I provide ongoing, seasoned business advice in your operations at the process point that meets your current needs:


  1. Assess and Align Business Needs with all Operational Processes

  2. Provide a Repeatable Framework for Project and Change Management

  3. Mentor individuals at all levels to become better leaders


  4. Select or develop a permanent COO


A full strategic appraisal and growth plan 

To best understand the state of your business, I dive-in with an overall evaluation of the current state, structure, and style of your organization. I design a roadmap for success that is rooted deeply in a solidly transformed culture from the bottom to the top. 


Implement the growth plan 

This is where we make it happen. I become an extension of your team for a short period of time as a Fractional COO to help you with change management while we accomplish an agile, holistic foundation for your business.


I may also guide you or your leadership team as you implement the roadmap I provided during the checkup.