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employee experience ("ex") survey

This survey is designed to provide insight into key components of the Employee Experience ("EX") within your organization. An organization with a high EX score is able to deliver high employee engagement, fulfillment, productivity and retention ratings. Surveys will not generate an immediate response because each survey is reviewed individually. After submitting your answers, you will receive a personal call back to discuss your assessment

Part 3: Opportunity to grow and develop

"A job that elevates my personal growth is important to me."




Baby Boomers Agree




- Gallup & Robert Half, Inc.


69% of US workforce feels their managers do not include them when setting goals

- Gallup


Professional Needs

Personal Needs

Part 1: How well basic needs are met

How would you rate employee compensation at your company?
How would you rate employee benefits/perks?

According to Gallup, these are not as important as the  relationship with employees have with their immediate manager.

How would you rate the safety of the employee work environment?
How well are employees' needs for space met?
How would you rate employees' access to supplies for maximum productivity?

Only 30% of employees agree they have the basic resources to do their job 

- Gallup

How would you rate the ease and efficiency of hardware and software tools provided to employees?

Part 2: Clarity and purpose

Do employees understand how their role and skill set contribute to the overall vision?
Do employees understand the purpose of their actions?
Do employees clearly understand the goals and expectations for their performance and what success looks like?
Are employees challenged in their current role(s)?
Do employees receive consistent on the spot/on demand mentoring?
Do employees have an ever-evolving plan and opportunity to develop and master new skills?

Part 4: Consistent feedback loop and practice

Do managers provide consistent feedback through praise, recognition and awards?
Do managers provide immediate corrective feedback for growth?
Do managers provide consistent feedback process across the team?

Only 20% of the US workforce says they have a conversation with their manager to review progress

- Gallup

Part 5: Overall well-being considered

Do employees feel cared for as a person with a life outside of work?
Are employees offered freedom and flexibility in work/life balance?
Are employees offered oportunities for fun and fellowship?

53% of US workforce says work life balance and sense of well being is important to them

- Gallup

Part 6: Collaboration with others

Do employees feel their unique skills and ideas are valued, appreciated and utilized?
Do employees feel listened to?
Are employees encouraged to take risks, try new things with no fear of “failure”?

60% of US workforce say the ability to do what they do best in a role is important

- Gallup

Part 7: Communication

Do employees receive clear, timely and relevant information consistently?
Are employees encouraged to communicate challenges and successes equally?
Is 2-way communication with employees encouraged?

Communication is consistently one of the top 3 areas of employee dissatisfaction

Thanks for sharing your responses. 

Each survey receives a personal review. You will be contacted soon to discuss your results (usually within one business day). To schedule a specific time, please follow the link.

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