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People Leadership

People Leadership - 30 Proven Strategies to Ensure Your Team's Success

Do you find yourself and your employees less engaged and less productive in the workplace than you would like? According to a Gallup poll, more than 70 percent of the American workforce today is “unengaged”—which means that most of the people in your organization are only showing up to work to go through the motions and collect their paycheck. But there’s something you can do to change that.

In People Leadership, Gina Folk covers thirty proven techniques that she learned and utilized during a twenty-five year career managing people at a Fortune 500 company. Unlike many of the leadership theories you’ll find out there, Folk’s teachings have been implemented and shown to work with real people in real situations.


Using Folk’s practices, any individual charged with managing or supervising others at any level can learn to re-engage their employees and improve their company’s productivity—and become the boss they’ve always wanted to be.

“People Leadership is a thought-provoking tutorial that encourages its reader to reflect on their own leadership style and lessons learned through prior experiences. The insightful pearls of wisdom shared in Gina Folk's personal stories will guide you on a journey of self-awareness and arm you with useful tools to hone your own leadership skill set.”

—  Tracy Foutch, Talent Acquisition Manager


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