Hello, my name is Gina 

How I went from leading high performing teams to helping CEOs create holistic operations to achieve optimal performance.

Hello, my name is Gina  

How I went from high performing individual to leading organizations to your Leadership Mentor


From age 12, business operations and the people running them fascinated me. I came to corporate leadership early in my career. At the age of 28, I became the youngest female Director of Supply Chain Operations in a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. Did I know what I was doing? Yes and No. I was a highly sought after implementation and process improvement expert and deemed top talent for years, but I knew very little about leading and influencing work through others.  I learned to achieve optimal performance the hard way….. by trial and error. In fact, my teams taught me how to effectively create processes AND lead people to implement best in class performance metrics.  They showed me how to lead people in a way to maximize their talents and skills and in doing so produce optimized and peak results for the company.

It is through my years of hands on experience in studying, working with and leading people, process and massive change in organizations, that I created the D.I.R.E.C.T. framework to help leaders achieve optimal results in their organizations. This is the same process that I used to repeatedly deliver best in class metrics and cost savings for companies in the 10’s of millions of dollars.


I grew up in Nashville, TN and now live in the beautiful paradise that is Clearwater, FL. I do not have any children, and I am a big kid at heart! I love all things Disney, my family, especially my 3 nieces and travel.  Oh, and did I mention I am an Operations girl who loves seeing people and process work together for the greater good!

Tap into years of experience and best practices

I've mentored 100's of individuals; both 1:1 and in teams to become better leaders
Led conference breakouts on leadership and high performing teams
Created leadership development programs for local, not-for profits and large organizations
Developed & delivered an online/live leadership program to individuals

What people say about working with me

“Gina helped me really slide into my leadership role and find who I am as someone who instructs and helps my team.  I feel a shift in myself and my team.” 

“I need to shout out Gina Folk for a second. She has been challenging me over the past two weeks and pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone as a leader. She is teaching me new ways to look at things and asking me to do tasks that are very uncomfortable for me and my personality. I am feeling crazy awesome about it and really growing.”

“This is just a short synopsis, but, Gina is a BLESSING. She has years and years of experience working with people and teams, and she wants to help all of US reach our highest potential and achieve the success we desire.  “

“Learning about how I process was key to how I can inspire, coach and grow my team.”

Are you ready to take your team's success to new heights?